Valeriya McQuillan

Yoga and Meditation Teacher 



About Valeriya 

Valeriya is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and a neuroscientist.


Prior to becoming Yoga Alliance teacher in 2016 she had been practicing Vedic meditation for 18 years. Valeriya's primary yoga teaching style is Vinyasa Flow and she specialises in various mediation techniques such as Present Moment Awareness, Calm Focus, Energised Body & Mind and Transcendental Mediation.

Valeriya's professional background is diverse and includes serving as one of the first board directors of Bumble, while simultaneously working as chief marketing officer of Badoo and the CEO of social app Huggle. Understanding how her personal practice was paramount in helping her to manage the natural stress of work made her step down from her position and direct full attention to further studying and teaching yoga and meditation and helping others to deal with corporate and personal stress.

Currently, Valeriya is researching Neuroscience of Contemplative Practices at King's College London as well as undergoing advanced Vedic Mediation Teacher Training at The Veda Centre and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Training at Oxford Mindfulness Centre.


  • Experienced Yoga Teacher (EYT) Yoga Alliance 

  • The Veda Centre certified Mediation Teacher 

  • Member of British Neuroscience Association

  • MSc Neuroscience (King's College London)

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VBalance Pilates

Valeriya is absolutely amazing in articulating the cues . She gradually progresses the intensity of the class . Even the beginner level is hard when she starts dissecting a pose so every single muscle starts to tremble. Will take her classes again for sure !


Valerie is one of those teachers that goes above and beyond. Her classes are quite challenging yet hugely rewarding and invigorating. She pays great attention to alignment and the integrity of the asana - her knowledge of the biomechanics/anatomy is unsurpassed by any teacher I have had the privilege of experiencing. I can now say that Valerie's classes have greatly improved my practice and has given me the ability to progress further!


Yoga with Valeriya is a mindful practice, where every movement is a result of intentional thought. She is a perfectionist with a great eye for the details, who is able to provide personalised guidance even via zoom. Her instructions are always clear and precise. Practicing with her can bring your yoga practice to a whole new level. But most importantly, Valeriya is an inspirational teacher who motivates you to roll that mat out daily (if you not doing it already).